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About the book


A lot of books on the topic of finance are written in complex language. When my son was born, I decided to fix this and write a book that even a small child would understand. The book is about how a young father teaches his son financial literacy when he began to show interest in this topic.

In small and thoughtful steps, we dive into how rich and successful people think, unlike poor and unsuccessful people. We consider psychology, stereotypes and a model of human behavior using examples from real life. We see the typical mistakes of not very successful heroes and analyze how those who achieve their goal against all odds act in their lives. This book aims to enable young readers and their parents to understand how everything really works in the world of finance, to assimilate the information received and choose their own path.

Книга для детей и их родителей. Воспитание будущего миллиардера. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила

About the book


You can achieve absolutely anything in your life, as long as you know exactly what you really want. The secrets of the power of your mind will be revealed to you more than once throughout the story. This will happen as a kind of insight. Read between the lines and this book will help you understand how things really work, push you to unlock your potential and give you a full understanding of how to use the energy of your mind. You will learn to manage this energy, achieve what you want, see the true essence of things and events. It is no accident that you are holding this book in your hands. She is magical! It really is. And you will be convinced of this by reading it.

Книга. Энергия разума. Как раскрыть свой истинный потенциал. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила

About the book


From this book, you will learn about what skills true leaders have, how they operate in their lives and why other people follow them. We live in a modern world where it is no longer enough to get an education and have one specific specialty. The modern world requires constant personal development, improvement of abilities and continuous acquisition of new knowledge. Everyone has a chance to achieve great success. And it does not depend on what family you were born in, what financial wealth you had, the level of education, skin color or religion. Your achievements will be based on the strength of your own mind and the strength of your character. And only you can decide what to do with your life and the opportunities that you have. And believe me, there are a lot of them, and every person who is born into this world has them. It's just that not everyone, unfortunately, is able to independently discern and reveal them. You will be in life what you make yourself! This book will provide you with valuable and effective knowledge, using which you will become a true leader - a person who is truly respected and appreciated by the people around you.

Книга. Ментальность лидера. Как стать настоящим лидером и влиять на других. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила

About the book


You will become a successful businessman if you really want to become one. You will become in life what you want to see yourself! You will earn great incomes and feel satisfied with what you do. You will become purposeful and firm in your decisions. You will learn to manage not only yourself, but also other people. You will learn how to turn timid dreams into easily achievable goals. You will become a person who knows how to set goals and achieve them. You will receive treasured formulas that will help you achieve everything you want in life. And therefore, sit back and start studying those rules and formulas that will subsequently bring you big dividends. You will become a man of success, a wise manager and an outstanding businessman!

Книга. Умение делать деньги. Практические знания. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила

About the book


​Everyone knows that most people hate to sell anything and do not like being sold to them. This happens because both those and others experience discomfort from sales for reasons that are painfully banal - ignorance and misunderstanding of this area. This book is a story about how a young man who knows nothing about sales, having met a wise mentor on his life path, becomes a sophisticated specialist in the commercial field and achieves unprecedented results. The book is presented in such a simple way, and its sections flow from one to another so smoothly that its reading is easy and imperceptible. But with all this, you can understand a lot of things by gently learning and absorbing the volume of information that is fraught with sales.

Книга. Мастерство в продажах. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила

About the book


The first time you need to speak in class, some of those taking this training course will literally go dumb before their eyes. The head will refuse to work, and the speech will be incoherent. At first, you may even have a dark eye from fear when you speak in front of others. But gradually the fear of the audience will disappear, and you will find that you like to talk in society, and the more crowded it is, the even better. Shyness will also disappear in front of individuals, you will gain self-confidence. From the increase in your sales, your earnings will also increase. Soon you will be able to stand in front of an audience of 5,000 as easily as in front of one person, speaking simply and naturally, making the listeners wait with their mouths open for every phrase you utter. You will deliver your speeches in such a way that even professional speakers will fade in your background.

Книга. Сила слов. Как влиять на других людей и говорить так, чтобы они внимали каждое ваше слово. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила

About the book


From this training book, you will learn how to learn to "read" people, see their true emotions and recognize when they are telling you the truth and when they are lying. The book will provide you with the knowledge and tools to recognize human microexpressions and macroexpressions. The ability to "read" people will greatly simplify your life and help in interpersonal contacts, wherever you are and whoever you communicate with.

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Книга. Умение "читать" людей. Financial Bigwig, Финансовый Воротила



A good book is like a good conversationalist who understands you and has a conversation with you.

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